About us

Historically, academia and industry, in Brazil, have followed parallel roads without interactions. A reality that is detrimental to both and to the country as a whole.

The challenge to transition scientific knowledge into innovative processes, and products, for the benefit of society and the incorporation of science in the culture of Brazil are objectives of great urgency and utmost relevance.

Microbiológica – a unique case in Brazil of a spin off from the university – was conceived to explore ways to build bridges between university laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry.

Since the inception of the company, in March 1981, we recognized the difficulties in trying to harmonize scientific research with the discipline necessary to innovate in a highly regulated activity. And, further, within the context of a very complex society not used to take risks in unknown territories.

Our destiny could not be waived. Thanks to the competence and perseverance of our associates, together with the challenges imposed upon us by our business relationships, we have managed to build a flexible and cohesive organization that survived, and strived, mostly because of its science-based foundations, focus on relevant problems, and undisputed integrity.

Our conclusion could not be different: innovation is for industry what research is for academia – a learning process that shapes institutions through knowledge creation and applications to resolve unmet necessities. In both cases, human resources are formed in a “learning how to learn” process reinforced once and again. We believe that one of our most important achievements, in Brazil, has been to empower and stimulate our people to face and solve problems without fearing failure. Some of our former collaborators are now playing transformative roles in other, private or public, institutions in Brazil.

Along the years, Microbiológica has had the opportunity to make a positive impact in the solution of many relevant problems and, in the process, promote meaningful professional evolution. After each experience, a new, strengthened version of Microbiológica emerged. We hope to be able to continue building on our record of excellence, achievements, and service to society. We feel confident that this is the basis of our sustainability and the key to our recognition in honoring our origin.